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Consultant jobs with IDEA Consultants AS

IDEA Consultants AS is a consulting company and therefore we offer jobs as a consultant on contract – and hourly basis.

We can offer long-term consultant jobs, primarily with our Norwegian clients. Eventually we will also be able to offer “In house” jobs in our Danish offices or with our Danish clients.

We have established a close contact to important Norwegian clients, mostly within the
machine-, oil – and offshore business.

IDEA Consultants AS can offer appointment on a contractual basis for a period which has been agreed upon and accepted by the client and the consultant in advance.
The client and IDEA Consultants AS agree if the period ends at a specific date or if the period simply ends with the termination of the project.
Often it will be possible to extend the period, but this has to be done in accordance with all parties.

A workweek as a consultant is 37.5 hours, but overtime can be necessary during busy periods. However this has to be approved by the consultant and the client.

”On site” consultant jobs

“On Site” means that the consultant works at the client's location.
This is the most common type of consultant work, where the consultant is part of the client’s organisation. The client has the authority of an employer during the contract period.
Our clients are generally very flexible so it may be possible to have long week-ends home.

”In house” consultant jobs

”In house” means that the consultant works in one of our own offices in Copenhagen or Randers (DK) or in Stathelle (N). Here the consultants work with projects which are totally or partly run by IDEA Consultants AS.

All our offices are satellite offices for our largest Norwegian clients. This means that there is a direct Internet line (VPN connection) which enables the consultant to be “with” the Norwegian client even though he is physically working in one of our own offices.

If you want to work in one of our satellite offices, it is necessary to complete a training period with the client in question. This period can vary from 3 – 12 months and the client will then determine if you are qualified to work in a satellite office. Eventually we would like to build up a constant pool of employees so that we can complete this training period ourselves.

As a consultant with IDEA Consultants AS, following personal qualifications are good to possess:

  • The ability to work both independently and as part of a team, and to be able to seek necessary information.
  • Excellent cooperation skills and social qualifications.
  • Flexible regarding function, work content, working hours and workplace.
  • It is desirable for the consultant to have experience within the mechanical engineering industry and it is helpful, though not necessary, if you have experience from previous oil- or gas projects.
  • The ability to communicate in “Scandinavian” and English


  • IDEA Consultants AS always strives to offer our consultants the highest salary on the market. This is done by keeping the administrative costs of IDEA Consultants AS as low as possible.
  • As the job is paid by the hour, you will receive payment for each invoiced hour.
  • The salary is paid monthly.

Are you one of our future consultants?

If you think that all this sounds exciting and if you would like to hear more, please contact us on the below mentioned E-mail.

If you would like to apply for one of the vacancies or if you would like to be registered in our pool of candidates, you must fill in your CV through our CV-generator.

We never send out information to our clients, unless we have your acceptance and we offer 100% discretion on all information you may send us.

Contact person: Bettina Bjerregaard, HR Manager
Mobile: (+47) 92 25 69 06
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

CV must be in English and it must be completed on our CV Generator.